The Vaporesso PodStick

The Vaporesso PodStick Pod System by Vaporesso is one of the newest options for those that are looking to switch over to using an e-cigarette. With many other manufacturers copying this concept, it is important that one has something of quality when it comes to getting a starter kit for their electronic cigarette.

The Vaporesso PodStick is quite impressive as far as the amount of things that are included in the kit. It comes with three pre-filled pod cartridges, an interchangeable Drip Tip, a carrying case, and an instruction manual. The drip tip is a cylindrical tip that comes in two colors. One color is black, and the other is clear.

Image result for UWELL Amulet Pod System Vape Kit

The Vaporesso PodStick also comes with two batteries. One of them is the type that is already rechargeable. This makes this a simple to use kit that can be used over again. This makes it perfect for someone that has kids or pets that may accidentally leave a battery down the drain. The other battery has to be recharged, but is good enough to last for three days. Vaporesso PodStick Pod System Vape Kit

This unit ships with a replacement drip tip that has an airtight seal. This makes the unit seal better, which means you will not have to worry about leaking liquids into your hands. The drip tip is also quite big and does not leak out the sides of the unit. This means that you will not have to worry about the tip coming out during use.

Another added feature that is included with the Vaporesso PodStick is the LED light indicator. This light will give you an indication as to how much battery life you have left and the strength of the e-liquid that is in the pod cartridge. This light will make it easier to know how long you have been vaping with this device.

The pods that come with the Vaporesso PodStick do not have any flavorings in them. This means that you will not get any weird tastes in your mouth when you are using the pod. Also, because there is no flavor in the pod, you do not have to worry about having any kinds of nasty e-cigarette breath, which can be caused by flavors in the pod.

The PodStick system from Vaporesso also makes it easy to refill the pods. It only takes a few seconds to do so, and there is no mess. No matter what you are using it for, this system makes it easy to refill the pods so that you always have more juice to use.

All in all, the Vaporesso PodStick system by Vaporesso has great features. Anyone that is considering using this product will love the easy to use cartridges, the light indicator, and the ability to refill the pods.

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