International School in Klatchin

A few decades ago, it was quite an unusual idea for an International School in Klatchin to be established in Malaysia. Back then the idea of putting up a foreign face on the education map was anathema to the Malaysian Government and the educational establishment. The coming of freedom and independence brought with them the opening up of education sector and the beginning of a new era in education, one that gave many hope to the people of Malay, Singapore and Malaysia. Today, that same spirit of hope and achievement has been reawakened and the International School in Klatchin is back on the map and its mission statement rings as true as ever. Here are some of the reasons why this innovative approach of bringing the International School to Malaysia is being put into practice once again.


First and foremost, it has to do with the growth of the Tenby Schools in Malaysia. The Tenby matriculation program is one of the most prestigious and successful academic programmes in Asia. It is a highly regarded post-school education and takes the students through a rigorous academic path towards an excellent University degree. With the boom in Tenby Studies and with the exponential increase of the number of foreign students enrolling for a higher education in Malaysia, the Academic Excellence Program has really come into focus. Now, by bringing the International School into Malaysia, the academic excellence of the course will be boosted.

The second reason is the establishment of the international school in kl atchin. Today, with the growing prominence of Tenby and the growing needs for a vibrant and progressive metropolis, the academic excellence of the International School in Klatchin can be seen to be booming again. As long as the football field remains an integral part of the school’s curriculum, the football program will remain competitive, attracting students from all over the world. Moreover, when the school is incorporated into the national educational curriculum, the International School in Klatchin can create a lasting impression on the minds of the kids who have just finished their school education in Tenby.

Another important reason is that the quality of education in Malaysia is getting better. Today, when the demands for a healthy and a balanced life is increasing at an alarming rate, the teaching standards of the Malaysian education system are also rising sharply. This is because the number of teachers and the number of schools is increasing. The rise in the number of international schools is another testament to this.

Furthermore, the high standards of education in Malaysia are ensured by the strict evaluation process that the authorities go through. In short, the teachers of the International School in Klatchin receive only the best teaching materials and they are evaluated rigorously before being appointed to teach the first year classes. In addition to this, the teachers who join the staff of the International School in Klatchin will have to undergo further teaching preparation course in their home countries in order to prepare them for teaching in Malaysia. The quality and standard of the education system of the International School in Klatchin is thus not only highly qualitative but it is also excellent.

The teachers of the International School in Klatchin receive the best accommodation facilities available in Malaysia. The accommodation facilities that they get include the Iskandar Malaysia villas, the Blue Mountains retreat, the Silver Sands retreat and many more. These teachers can choose among private bungalows, guest houses or apartments. They can also choose the type of accommodation that best matches their lifestyle and needs. If they wish to cook their own food, they have the option to stay at their own villa or in a guest house. For them, their choice of accommodation is what matters most because they can make the most out of their free time by staying at the right place.

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